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Beach hotel oil art buy Gambia

Bakau Drumms - Facts about the African Drums.

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Tour and Travel Bakau crocodile wild life farm the Gambia   Tour and Travel Bakau crocodile wild life farm the Gambia

How many way to play a Djembe:

Bakau is popular for the djembe - Besides the djembe drums, you can find other unique types of African drumming such as ngoma drums and kutiro. Let's find out the size of African drums not only because its made in various sizes or you might take one home during your travel in the Gambia. With drums If you want to have the higher note, you have to choose the smaller drum. African djembe are great fun on the beach. Djembe african heritage is a long love. African djembe drums are love in areas east to the west.

African djembe drum is made of a tree trunk and animal leather. African drum djembe is the most popular one. African drums djembe comes in many sizes. Djembe african drums are sold all over the Gambia specially on the west african djembe are easily bought on the beach areas. African djembes shape is of a goblet. Djembe African are like yin yang. African drumming djembe get some real lessons. African djembe drumming can be a hard thing to learn only because your fingers will enjoy the ride.

The traditional ceremonies would not be held well if there are no drums. They are used in the funeral, wedding, birth and festival.

At the Bakau market you are sure to find a drum to remind you of the Gambia.

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