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The Gambia

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Beach hotel oil art buy Gambia

The Gambia

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A taste of the Gambia. West Africa cooking. THICK EBBEH SOUP. Leybato beach bar and restaurant Hotel the Gambia.

Cultural Diversity:
Your eyes in the Gambia The Gambia (10,000 sq. km) it is normal you will find people speak three to four local languages and influenced by Islam is a peaceful country and there is no smallest of inter-tribal and racial frictions.

Fulani Gambians belonging to this or that tribe, the Mandingo, Wollof, Fula (Fulbe), and other migrants into the river valley (circa 1200-1800) a lot of inter-marriage and adoption of other cultures and practices has taken place between these different ethnic groups. Traditionally children will take on the tribal identity of their father and the most are muslims.

Culture & Traditions:
Different arriage weddings, funerals, it's Islam counselor. Introduced in the 1800's, recognised as cultural practices principle of the one God. Here Christians has different local customs regarding births, deaths and marriages. It is a patchwork of cultures of different tribes.

Traditional Values:
Gambians has it now style, habits and values. Over 80 percent of Gambians live in rural villages, today increasing numbers of youth come to the capital, Banjul, in search of work and education.
The move Kunta Kinte the Saga of an American Family by American author Alex Haley. Haley claimed that Kunta Kinte was based on one of his ancestors: a Gambian man who was born in 1750, enslaved and taken to America and who died in 1822. Haley said that his account of Kunta Kinte's life in Roots was a mixture of fact and fiction.

Today you can enjoy a mongo drink on the beach at Kunta Kinte Restaurant.

Lovely Happy Gambian People

Your eyes in the Gambia
Ministry Tourism & Culture
Banjul capital office

New Administrative Building
The Quadrangle
The Gambia, West Africa
Tel no: +220 4229844

Fax: 4227753

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